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A face of new generation automation solutions provider...

Ensures safety & security of road users

Conserves energy & reduces environmental damage

Manages and handles incidents and accidents effectively and efficiently

Reduces Traffic Jams & congestions by predicting and planning.

Optimizes the capacity of the transportation infrastructure & resources

Improves operational efficiency, maintains mobility & reduces travel time.

Provides real time information on Traffic Status

Utilizes analytical tools to plan, analyze and appraise transportation.

Detects congestion & Traffic rule violation for automatic enforcement.

Provides accurate and reliable information to the road user

Ensures maintenance effectiveness.

Intelligent Transportation System

100% auditing behavior.

Your Total Control on the Business : flexibility in working & Peace of mind.

A truly 24 x 7 system.

Proven reliability and unparalleled accuracy.

Secured Data

Highly customizable with report generation at your convenience.

One stop comprehensive solution for Toll Automation & Management needs.

Comprises Manual, Semi Automatic and Automatic Tolling with Pre and -
Post Audit Options.

Pioneers in IR Technology based Vehicle Classification in India - Indigen-
ous Design to Suit extreme road conditions.

Records all information of each passing Vehicle including Image

Advanced Technology for efficient traffic handling-reduced traffic congestion.

Toll Automation & Management System

Low cost of ownership over extended lifetime

Ensures safety and security for road users

Real time tracking - Assured in time assistance for Emergency needs.

Manages incident and accidents effectively and efficiently

Flawless transmission of live data to remote control center

Effective traffic rule enforcement.

Ensures sustainable economic growth by reducing environmental damage

Reduces Traffic Jams & congestions by predicting and planning.

Highly integrated system, Efficient traffic monitoring and centralized control

Improved - operational efficiency, maintaining mobility & travel time.

Real time information for users - Traffic Status, weather updates & Broadc-
asting information.

Highway Traffic Management System

Tracks and scrutinises each vehicle entering the plant premises

A Truly 24 x 7 system

Immune to tampering and manipulation

Identifies and stops material theft

Generates comprehensive and customized reports

GRN generation with date and time stamped photograph

Auto report generation through email for prevention of manipulation

Automated SMS - check on inward/outward status

Facilitates remote monitoring of complete system

Provides data security and backup facility

Totally integrated with Weighbridge system and Boom Barriers

Integrates easily and seamlessly with SAP and/or third party application

Inventory Tracking System

A complete and totally integrated ERP solution

Improved decision-making and organizational efficiency

Low cost management through maximized resource utilization

Log, track, capture and analyse each farmer and each department

High speed data analysis, processing and accessibility

Easy to operate; a layman can also work smoothly and efficiently

Dynamic design for unlimited customization

Accurate, appropriate & secured data storage with unique data structure

Periodic updation of current work status report through Auto - email

Intranet Messenger Service keeps all departments connected

Streamlined flow of data between the departments

Sugar Management System

Our Products

Rajdeep Classifier system
Automatic Vehicle Classifier (AVC)

Vehicle Separator/ Light Curtain

Weigh In Motion

Emergency Call Box

Veriable Message Sign

Manual Lane Barrier

Toll Lane Controller

Toll Lane Controller Cabinet

Manual Booth Controller

Panic Alarm System

Rajdeep Group

Rajdeep Group

Diversified Corporate Presence...

Rajdeep Info Techno

Rajdeep Info Techno Pvt. Ltd. (RITPL) is a subsidiary venture of Rajdeep Group, a renowned group in Road Infrastructure Industry involved in Construction of National & State highways, Bridges, Tunnels, Railway over bridges. Rajdeep Group also has its strong presence in industrial Infrastructure as well as in Out Door Publicity on Highways/metro Cities.

Rajdeep Info Techno Pvt Ltd is India's leading end-to-end solution provider for:


  • Toll Automation & Toll Management System (TMS)
  • Highway Traffic Management System (HTMS)
  • Inventory Tracking System
  • Intelligent Transportation System
  • ERP Solutions for Sugar Industries

We are ISO 9001:2008 Company, specialized in manufacturing of Toll Automation Products and Systems along with its commissioning and extended maintenance support services.

We have proficiency in design, development and manufacturing hi-speed infrared scanning device known as Automatic Vehicle Classifier (AVC) exclusively used for vehicle image profile generation, to be used for vehicle classification in tolling operation. Our proprietary AVC is a result of years of in-house R&D and rigorous real time testing in extreme environmental & adverse working conditions at different toll sites spread across India

The AVC system along with other numerous integration equipment is compliant to the internationally acclaimed CE certification standards. RITPL is the only company in India providing Pre-vehicle classification and Pre- Audit options for Automatic/Semiautomatic Toll Management system. The company has wide geographical network presence all over India and carries huge experience of over 1300 successful Toll Lane deployments across India for various renowned Infrastructural Projects.

We are committed for delivering highest uptime of systems along with best performance output of our systems operational 24x7, 365 days and strong after sale services/support to all our clients. Entire after-sale support activities are handled using our in-house designed and developed CRM (Customer Relation Management) application along with MIS reports to our clients